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Bullion Accumulation Programs

If you want to make a bullion purchase call us, we will cancel most bullion purchases made online. The premiums are changing too fast for us to make all the necessary changes to the website.

At, we have many ways to help you accumulate your own treasure trove.  You choose your price level and we do the rest. and its owner have been dealing in rare coins and precious metals for over 20 years. Nobody knows how the precious metals markets will perform in the future, but many people foresee much higher prices in the not too distant future.  The accumulation strategy we recommend is to buy smaller quantities at regular intervals, and make larger purchases (or sales) when the metals hit your target levels. For example, if silver is trading in the $9 to $11 range, make small purchases at regular intervals.  If silver drops to $8, make a larger purchase.  If it drops more, make another larger purchase.  If silver goes up to $13, sell a portion of your holdings.  If it goes up more, sell another portion.  You just need to decide how much you want to buy, and at what levels to set your target buy and sell prices.



You choose the price level and precious metals mix, and add it to your shopping cart.  Send your payment with a copy of the invoice, and your bullion will soon be in the mail.  After that, we'll send you an invoice by email in the first week of every month.  When we get your payment, we will use the closing ask price on the New York market on that day.  The amount of silver will vary each month depending on the precious metals markets prices.  In a high or rising market, you will get less metal, and in a falling or low market you will get more.


You want to buy bullion in a recognizable, easily traded form, with low premiums.  We recommend 90% silver coin (dimes, quarters and halves minted for circulation 1964 and earlier), 999 fine silver bars or rounds, and tenth, quarter, half and one ounce Gold and Platinum Eagles.  Other forms of silver bullion, like Silver Eagles, have higher premiums and may not be as easy to trade. Other forms of gold bullion, like Maple Leafs or Krugerrands, are viable alternatives, but availability can be limited, especially in fractional sizes.  Let us know if you want an alternative to our standard offers, and we will work with you.


The formula we use is posted in the description of each item.  We strive to keep our prices competitive.  Keep in mind, the formulas are subject to change due to changing market conditions.  $1.00 face value of 90% silver coin has 0.715 troy ounces of pure silver.



No!  You can start or stop the program at any time.  You can raise or lower your participation at any time.  You can make a one-time-only purchase, or make regular purchases.  We can work with you if another timing structure or metals mix works better for you.



Because this is a bullion item, we are not able to accept credit cards or online payments.  We can accept cash, personal check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order.  Cash and Postal Money Order payments will receive priority processing.  Otherwise, we will wait for the payment to clear before shipping.



Shipping is in addition to the cost of the bullion.  We use the US Postal Service either First Class or Priority Mail (depending on the weight), either Insured or Registered (depending on the value).  We will require that you purchase insurance.  Since we have a flat fee of $5.49 for shipping, anything else you order from our website has no additional shipping charge.



We are always interested in buying all kinds of coins, currency and precious metals.  When you are ready to sell, call us and we will quote you our competitive buy prices.


We will lock the prices in when we receive payment unless you specifically instruct us otherwise.  We do not lock in the price until we have payment in hand.  We use for bullion quotes.  We are not responsible if makes a mistake.  If  bullion prices advance to the point that we can no longer supply, for example, the stated size gold coin, we will drop down to a smaller size (at the premium for the smaller size) or convert the order to silver.  If you do not pay a sufficient amount for shipping and/or insurance, we will reduce the amount of metal you get to cover the shipping and insurance.  We do not ship until the payment has cleared.  Terms, conditions and formulas are subject to change.  Be sure to check item descriptions for changes in terms, conditions or formulas before placing or paying for your order.  Once we have processed your payment, the transaction will be considered final.  Since these are bullion items we do not accept returns, except in the unlikely event that we sent the wrong item.  However, we are always willing to buy precious metals at current wholesale market levels.  Occasionally, the dynamic precious metals market requires a higher or allows a lower than normal premium. In general, a rapidly falling market requires a higher than normal premium and and rapidly rising market allows a higher than normal discount.


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