1800 s Type Set 2293 CAPS Album New $33.95

This CAPS Album has spaces for all the type coins from the 1800's. Dedicated collectors will appreciate the challenge that completing this set represents. Previous albums have not been as complete as this set. The album contains four pages, each accommodating Air-Tite brand holders. Slip Case #1004 for 40 mm CAPS Albums is NOT INCLUDED. Coins are NOT INCLUDED. Please order these items separately. ***The Capsule kit containing Air-Tite brand holders is NOT INCLUDED. The capsule kit needed for the 2293 1800s type album includes: 3- 14mm (Three Cent Silvers [3]) 5- 15mm (Capped Bust Half Dimes, Seated Liberty Half Dimes [4]) 1- 16mm (Draped Bust Half Dime) 9- 18mm (Three Cent Nickel, Capped Bust Dimes [2], Seated Liberty Dimes [5], Barber Dime) 6- 19mm (Flying Eagle Cent, Indian Cents [4], Draped Bust Dime) 2- 20mm (Shield Nickels [2]) 2- 21mm (Liberty Head Nickels [2]) 1- 22mm (Twenty Cent Piece) 4- 23mm (Draped Bust, Classic Head and Braided Hair Half Cents, Two Cent Piece) 7- 24mm (Small Planchet Capped Bust Quarter, Seated Liberty Quarters [5], Barber Quarter) 3- 27mm (Braided Hair Large Cent, Draped Bust Quarter, Large Planchet Capped Bust Quarter) 2- 28mm (Alternates for smaller planchet Large Cents) 3- 29mm (Draped Bust, Classic Head and Matron Head Large Cents) 8- 30mm (Reeded Edge Capped Bust Half Dollars [2], Seated Liberty Half Dollars [5], Barber Half Dollar) 2- 32mm (Draped & Capped Bust Half Dollars) 56- H39 Holders (for all the rings listed above) 1- H40 Direct Fit (Bust Dollar) 4- H38 Direct Fit (Seated Liberty Dollars [2], Trade Dollar, Morgan Dollar)

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